Friday, June 1, 2007

Just Opened...
Matrix_g.sea have completed the design and construction of 'cut' hairstudio in Larisa, Greece owned by Vasilis Machairas . The project included architectural, lighting and
furniture design, as well as the production of custom made panels utilized as optical filters.

The brand of the hairstudio 'cut' became a key word for the design process. The intervention consists of a plasterboard envelope and eleven movable synthetic leather panels. The tubular building shell was reproduced incorporating the hairdressers' infrastructure, interupted by horizontal and vertical lighting cuts that distinguish a succession of functional units. The cuts in the envelope also include rails for the suspension of the synthetic leather panels. Eleven different patterns work with gravity and combine designed and random optical filtering.

A visit to a hairdressing salon in Greece is a weekly ritual that satisfies individual vanity as well as the need for socializing. The space contributes to the sensualization of everyday life, and aspires to become a social urban stimulator where the temporary turns to glamorous.

Besides the ad infinitum reflecting mirrors, two large furniture items were designed. Facing each other the cashier/reception/bar and the bench/coffee table are placed in the first section of the studio.

absolutelly content by the results matrix_g.sea are posing for a local magazine

lighting: Luminart
airconditioning design and installation: Daikin Klimamichaniki
furniture and mirror construction: Tenco
lighting installation: Xizas&Bougatsas
plasterboard: Mitros
synthetic leather panels: matrix_g.sea